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"My goodness - it takes website training to a whole new height! There is no back-bedroom amateurism here. This is a highly professional course that aims to cover absolutely everything - and as far as I've managed to see so far (it is huge) it succeeds brilliantly" -Martin Avis of

Build Professional Quality Websites that Really Work -
in 30 days or less

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Find out how anyone, even someone who has never built a website before or has struggled with software like Dreamweaver, Frontpage or Expressionweb, can build a professional quality website in record time.

Dear Reader,

question-bullet Have you ever struggled to build a website?
question-bullet Have you burned the midnight oil trying to figure out how to get your site to look good and yet no matter what you do, it just seems to end up looking like it was designed by a pre-schooler?
question-bullet Can you see inside your head what you want your website to look like, but you just don’t have the skills or talent to pull it off?
question-bullet Have you ever become frustrated when trying to add name-capture forms and a payment processor to your websites or don’t you have a clue where to start with such things?
question-bullet Do your eyes glaze over when people start to talk about RSS feeds and XML?
question-bullet Have you invested in tools like Dreamweaver, but become frustrated how even the simplest task can turn into a complex challenge that would tax the brain of Einstein?
question-bullet Have you ever outsourced your website development to someone else, only to be disappointed that what you get back isn’t what you wanted?
question-bullet Have you ever paid for a web designer to build you a site and then become frustrated that every time you want to add a new page or make a change you need to go back to him or her and hand over yet more of your hard earned cash?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above
questions you’re not on your own...

The vast majority of people who build, or need to build websites, feel just the same way as you.

These are not people lacking in intelligence or motivation, in fact many of them are incredibly intelligent and are highly motivated. It doesn’t matter whether you have a high school education or a phd from Harvard or Yale, the process of building a website can be just as hair-curlingly frustrating.

If so many people struggle with this important skill why hasn’t someone come up with a solution?

A great many people have tried!

Software has been released that makes the process far easier than it was in the past.

booksBooks have been written that explain the intricacies of building websites, and courses are run in colleges and universities throughout the world to help people to acquire these skills.

The problem with these methods of training is that they rarely work.

Yes, easier-to-use software is a massive step forward, but without the right kind of training it can still be a big challenge for many people to master the skills necessary.

After all, these are not skills that we are born with - they are skills that need to be acquired.

Books and instructional manuals, no matter how well written, can be dry and sterile. Let’s be honest, does anyone want to curl up in bed on a night with a manual on web-site building?

frustrationHow about classroom training at college or university?

Surely, there must be some wonderful courses that people can take to become a master website builder?

Absolutely, but how many busy people like you or I can afford to give up a year or two to undertake an in-depth study of website development. It’s not really feasible, is it?

And this is the reason why so many people struggle with website building. There are solutions around, but none of them are practical.

None of them really work in the real world - the world that you and I occupy.

None of the existing solutions are practical or realistic in a world where people have busy jobs or businesses to run.

If there was an ideal solution to
the website building problem, what
would that solution look like?

Last year we undertook an in-depth study to find out exactly what website building, Internet marketing, and online business training people were after and how they wanted this to be delivered.

The results were astonishing!

After careful analysis we managed to narrow the criteria down to five specific points. These were:

1 bullet

People are looking for a solution that is simple and straightforward to follow.

2 bullet People want a solution that won’t become a full time commitment.
3 bullet People need a method of learning that is realistic and achievable.
4 bullet

People want a solution that (particularly in today's climate) won’t cost the earth.

5 bullet People need a method of working that leaves them in full control.

Simply put, they want a solution that provides all the skills necessary to build great looking, professional quality websites whenever they like, without having to rely on anyone else.

In a moment I will share with you the amazing solution we have come up with, but first let’s do a little blue sky thinking and imagine how life would be if we turned things completely on their head. A world in which website building was a pleasure you looked forward to. A world in which tasks that previously seemed impossibly complex all made perfect sense.

Imagine ...

You wake up one morning and have a terrific idea for a new online business.

You grab a notebook and pen and take yourself off to your favorite cafe, order yourself a skinny latte and take a seat in the corner.

FreedomYou take out your notebook and start to map out the website for your new business. Within just a few minutes things are starting to take shape and you can feel your heart racing with excitement.

Even before your coffee has cooled down enough for you to drink it, you know that your germ of an idea has great potential and you know just what you need to do to make it a reality.

You take a sip of your coffee and make a list of exactly what research you need to undertake, and then you move onto fleshing out the website itself.

Your head is swimming with great ideas for the kind of content you can include, the web pages you’ll need and the mechanisms that you’ll want to include for capturing e-mail addresses and processing payments.

Before taking the last sip of your latte you know you’re onto a surefire winner and you know just what you need to do to maximize the chances of success.

You put your notebook back in your pocket, walk back to the car, and drive home with that wonderfully exciting feeling that comes with knowing that you’re making amazing progress. Where once there was a lack of confidence and nervousness about what needed to be done, there is now the calmness that comes from knowing that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to bring your idea to life.

Sounds great, right?

That feeling is one that is experienced everyday by people who have the knowledge. All you need to do is acquire that knowledge and you too can enjoy these wonderfully inspirational moments.

And what I am about to share with you now will give you exactly that!

The amazing results that came out
of a week-long brain-storming session 
in a secret hideaway in a picturesque
mountain top village in Southern Spain

This amazing journey started twelve months ago when I sent out a short survey to my mailing list.

As many of you reading this letter will already know, my company produces the award-winning XSitePro Website Design Software and our mailing-list is just packed full of people from all sorts of different backgrounds - including thousands of people just like you. There’s everyone from complete newbies who’ve never built a website, right through to expert Internet marketers who have years of experience.

In my survey, I posed a simple question: 

And let me tell you... three words pretty much sum up what happened:

can of worms Can...



We simply had no idea we'd be literally 'buried' by thousands of responses, all crying out for training across the many different aspects of Website building and Internet marketing in general.

We spent weeks carefully sifting through the responses, building a wish-list of all the different things the survey had uncovered.

Two Messages Rang Out Clearly From The Results

1 bullet Lots of people struggle with website building.
2 bullet There is a huge range of related topics people need training in, covering everything from list building through to processing credit card payments.

It was all right there in the survey results, in plain black and white: a definitive list of topics from thousands of people in just the same situation as you.


Several weeks after all the survey results were in, myself and a colleague flew out for a brainstorming session in a tiny village in Southern Spain close to the mountain top village of Guadalest (there's a picture of it on the left). There’s nothing like a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing and in this quaint Spanish village the creative juices didn’t just flow, they literally gushed out like the crystal clear waters of the nearby Fonts d'elgar (that's the photo on the right).

fonts delgarWe spent the first few days going through the results of the survey in forensic detail. We read every single comment and suggestion, and in many cases reread them several times.

If you watch CSI you’ll know how much attention to detail Gil Grisham and his team pays to a crime scene. We were like the CSI of the website building and Internet marketing world.

By Day 3 we started to form a picture of exactly what was needed and realized what a mammoth challenge we had taken on.

The plain and simple truth was that this wasn’t a course we’d be able to crank out in a couple of weeks. This was going to require a Herculean effort if we were to meet the needs of the thousands of people who had taken the time to complete the survey.

Above I eluded to opening a can of worms, but what we’d discovered was more like a shipping-container-load of octopus, for the simple reason that people didn’t just want to know HOW to build a website they wanted the WHY and the WHAT too!

In other words, it didn’t stop at creating web pages it went way beyond that to encompass how to build lists, how to generate traffic, how to do search engine optimization, how to research a niche - and that was just for starters.

Rome wasn’t built in a Day - and nor
was this website training course!

Before returning back to the office from Spain we spent several more days fleshing out a syllabus for the training course and discussing the best way to deliver the training in order to really help people acquire the knowledge that they so desperately needed.

We considered everything from online webinars through to printed books and live training events, but realized that none of these methods were appropriate.

We knew that to deliver this training in the most effective way possible we needed to go the extra mile and put together a course the likes of which had never been seen in the website building or Internet marketing world.

We needed something that was as close to over-the-shoulder as possible whilst at the same time providing all the benefits offered by a classroom environment.

But even that wasn’t enough.

We felt we needed a level of interaction and involvement that was missing in most training courses. Something that really brought the training alive and helped people to get hands-on experience so that they were not just passively learning the topics being taught, but were pro-actively involved so that the knowledge they were acquiring would be internalized.

But now came the major challenge ...

How could we deliver all of this in a way that didn’t require people wanting the training to have to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to attend a live event spread over several weeks?

In the end, it was obvious that we needed to be as close to the trainee as possible and the only way to do that, was to provide a training course that made excellent use of multimedia, and to that end we’ve put together a learning resource that is more visual, more interactive and more in-depth than anything we’d ever seen before.

In a moment I’ll share with you some of the exciting techniques we’ve used to bring this training to life in a way that makes absorbing all of this knowledge amazingly easy, but first let me introduce you to what’s in the course as I know you’re going to be shocked at the amount we’ve managed to cram in.


James Schramko
" This Training is comprehensive and very detailed. I'm sure anyone who wants to learn the 'ins and outs' of building a website from scratch will benefit tremendously from this innovative interactive course.

James Schramko, 

The FOUR key objectives we set ourselves
when putting this course together

The Complete Guide to Website Building covers everything you need to know to create professional quality websites, but it goes way beyond just website building to include in-depth knowledge about a whole host of related topics.

Before I go into detail about EXACTLY what is in the course, let me share with you the FOUR key objectives we set ourselves when putting the course together.

objective 1 A course that delivers the full story on WHAT you should do, HOW you should do it, and WHY you should do it and do so in a way that makes complete sense - even to non-technical types.
objective 2 A course that gives you the essential background information you need to know and understand, before you can even THINK about creating a successful web-site - so that you have a solid foundation on which to build.
objective 3 A website training course that demystifies the process, so you can finally take action and pursue your on-line objectives. This is just as much about Internet Marketing training as it is website design training!
objective 4 A course that reinforces the training throughout, with a whole range of different teaching methods.

These were ambitious objectives, which is why we knew this wasn’t going to be a course we could throw together in a few weeks.

It probably took us longer to put together the syllabus of topics we were going to cover, than most people spend producing a complete course from start to finish. This might sound crazy, but you have to remember that our aim was to create something that was going to benefit others in the long term, and not just make us a fast buck in the short term.

Below I have included a brief overview of the topics covered over the 26 modules of the course. Have a glance through and you’ll realize how in-depth and thorough this course is. You’ll see for yourself how much thought and attention to detail went into crafting this massive training resource and why it is the one course you really do need to get your hands on if you want to maximize the chances of succeeding online.

But before I share the syllabus with you, have a read through the comments that came in from one of the beta-testers who has already put the course through its paces.

Darren has been trying to set up an online business for the last few years, but has run into problems at pretty much every turn. Here’s what he had to say after going through all 26 modules:


"As a total newcomer to XSitePro I really needed a reliable helping hand to get me up and running with the software as quickly as possible.

The Complete Guide to Building Websites course, with it's interactive, step-by-step lesson plan was everything I could have hoped for and more.

Working seamlessly with the software, the course revisited topics I thought I knew everything about already - but found I actually didn't, and then it not only filled in the gaps in my previous learning but then took me by the hand and introduced me to other topics I just never even dared to understand.

Best of all, this course didn't just satisfy itself with teaching me all about those important things I hear experts going on about like embedding streaming video and audio, RSS feeds, site maps and everything else I was too embarrassed to ask about... but it then showed me how, with a few childishly simple clicks, XSitePro will actually do all of these things for me!

To be honest, as great as XSitePro was, there were still buttons I would never press because I had no idea of either their meaning or importance...

...but now this course has become an invaluable resource that made those scary topics of web site building just more tools that I now make work in my favour.

I can finally tell my clients what their site needs, just why it needs it and why I'm the ideal person to get the contract... and then just get on with it (in a fraction of the time!)"

Darren Page, UK

Isn’t that wonderful?

It was certainly music to our ears when Darren sent those comments in, as it meant that all the hard work and effort that has gone into producing this course over the last year has been worth it.

So, without further ado let me run through what’s covered in each of the twenty-six modules.

Complete Guide To Website Building



In this short introductory session we give a thorough overview of the powerful eLearning system itself - used by trainees to interact with the training course materials.

This session also helpfully covers off some basic computing concepts that will help ensure you get off to a flying start with your learning.


Module 1: Foundation

In this opening session we explore some of the essential definitions and concepts that underpin the Internet as we know it. You’ll also be introduced to the ‘4-Step Plan’ and the ‘XSitePro Pyramid’.


Module 2: Research

In this packed module we cover off the importance of clear objectives, and introduce you to lots of tools, tricks and ‘special resources’ that will help you to perform all the re-search necessary to create a profitable, professional, and search-engine-friendly web-site in record time.

adding projects

Module 3: Adding Projects

To get started creating our first website together we begin by taking a look at why it is important to organize your sites into discreet projects, and how ‘cascading keywords’ help you on the path to search engine success.

adding websites

Module 4: Adding Websites

In this module we examine the three options for site design and start to build a simple website using a template. Along the way we’ll be looking at some of the basic concepts that we will then be build upon in later modules.

custom design

Module 5: Design Custom Websites

In this module you’ll get some hands-on experience at building websites from scratch (sites perfectly tailored to meet your own needs) and you’ll learn some cool tricks that will help you pick the perfect colors to give your site that professional touch.

adding web pages

Module 6: Adding Web Pages

Following straight on from creating our new website in the last module, we keep the momentum going with some web page creation in this session - an essential part of any Website build. You’ll also be introduced to the concept of ‘Rinse & Repeat’.

text and formatting

Module 7: Text & Formatting

No matter how good your content is, it’s important that you present it in a way that’s easy to digest if you want to get your message across. In this module you’ll learn some special techniques that are guaranteed to improve readability.

working with images

Module 8: Working With Images

They say an image speaks a thousand words. That’s definitely the case for websites, so in this module we get to grips with using image content in our pages. You learn some cool tips and tricks and discover some of the places that website professionals go to when they’re in need of a particular image to bring their websites alive.

wizards and tables

Module 9: Wizards & Tables

The amazing Design Wizard tools in XSitePro give you a handy short-cut for adding all manner of page content to your website. In this module, you’ll learn how to use headlines, text boxes, graphics, buttons, bulleted lists, and highlighted text, as well as discovering how using tables can really take your website to the next level.

navigation and page interlinking

Module 10: Navigation & Interlinking

We’ve all experienced the frustration of hitting a website and not being able to find our way around, so in this module we’re going to learn how to keep things nice and organized! You will learn the benefits of menus, how the positioning can make all of the difference, along with some great examples and demonstrations – even how to create a hands-free menu with XSitePro!

Many Types of Content

Module 11: Many Types of Content

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before “Content is King” but with so much content out there it’s difficult to know where to look first for ideas. In this module, you’ll not only learn the 5 content benefits and 5 great tips for choosing relevant, quality content, you will also find there is a whole range of content options for you to consider, that will literally blow your competition out of the water!

Audio and Video

Module 12: Audio & Video

Websites that use audio and video are more popular right now than ever before, and the reason is simple. They are so powerful! Literally nothing gets a message across clearer. You’re going to have some great fun in this module, adding rich multimedia content to your web pages – we’ll even show you how to embed videos from what is probably the biggest library in the world – YouTube!


Module 13: RSS

RSS is probably something that you’ve heard of, but you don’t really understand – right? Well in this module you’ll learn what RSS actually is, how it works, where it comes from, how to insert it using XSitePro, and more importantly how it will actually benefit YOU!

Extra Features

Module 14: Extra Features

XSitePro offers a whole bunch of exciting extra features and content over and above those we’ve run though so far - including three that we’ll be looking at right now in this session: Social Bookmarks, Breadcrumb Trails and Widgets - all designed to help boost the appeal of your site and make for a much more interesting visitor experience!


Module 15: QuickPages

QuickPages are a fantastic way to add professional-grade page content to our website in next-to-no time. In this module, we’ll show you how to find free content for your website, and how to use this awesome feature. If you can ‘copy and paste’ then you can use this powerful tool… it’s that simple!


Module 16: Sub-Pages

When organizing page content, sub-pages not only gives us a neat and simple way of grouping similar pages together so that visitors can quickly navigate our site… they can even generate some free page content in the process! This module will show you all of the benefits and unexpected bonuses!

Site search

Module 17: Site Search

Custom site search functionality speaks volumes about the professionalism of your site - and it makes your content super-easy to navigate to boot! This module is going to give you a real insight into how you should use Site Search effectively, and why it is such a benefit to both you and your visitors!

list building

Module 18: List-Building

Why do you need a list? Who should have a list? How do I build a list? These are all questions that we are asked week in, week out - so this module was always going to be a real *big* one! We’re going to work through a whole series of actions with you, both the theory and the practical – we’re going to give you lots of tips, lots of solutions for building your list, as well demonstrating how to setup a mailing list, how to add name grab forms – everything!

pay per click

Module 19: Pay-Per-Click

How would you like to earn money every time someone clicks on an advertisement on your site? Sounds great, right! In this module you’ll learn how amazingly easy it is to do exactly that! We’re going to step you through using Adsense, how it works and where you fit in. We’ll even show you where you should position your adverts, and why!

affiliate marketing

Module 20: Affiliate Marketing

This module tackles the incredibly exciting affiliate marketing opportunity that your website represents. With over six billion dollars in annual revenues, this is a space you really ought to consider being in. You'll learn everything from the best affiliate programs to join through to exactly what drives a successful affiliate promotion.

selling direct

Module 21: Selling Direct

This module will show you how to sell products directly from your site and add credit card payment processing. You'll learn the pros and cons of different payment processors, how to insert 'Buy Now' buttons, and we'll even touch on how to create your own information product.

search engine optimization

Module 22: Search Engine Optimization

In this session we'll start to demystify the process of search engine optimization. You'll learn the difference between off-page and on-page elements, why long tail keywords can bring you more traffic than short- tail ones, and how you do a detailed analysis of any web page in just a few seconds.


Module 23: Site maps

This module takes your search engine expertise to the next level. You'll be introduced to the power of site maps and why an XML site map is crucial to your success. You'll also be introduced to the power of robots, the no-follow attribute and a whole heap of clever tips and tricks that is guaranteed to boost your search engine rankings.


Module 24: Publishing

This is it folks! Count-down to blast-off, and the incredibly exciting pinnacle of our learning up to this point. We’re going to step through registering a domain, setting up your hosting account, how to link the two together, and finally, that exhilarating moment when your website goes live on the World Wide Web!

Essential housekeeping

Module 25: Essential Housekeeping

Nobody likes housekeeping, right? Well not anymore! We’ve made boring and tedious housekeeping a thing of the past! In this section we cover off some important housekeeping tasks to ensure you keep things organized with very little effort! Backing up or restoring your data, importing and exporting your websites – it’s all a breeze!

the test

Module 26: The Test

In this session we present a fun test, just to establish that you’ve got everything from this course you hoped. It will also identify whether or not there are any areas that might need a little more work from here.

I’m sure you’ll agree that as courses go this is nothing short of a heavyweight - a real world beater. You could say it is the Tiger Woods or Roger Federer of online training.

We’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to provide you with all the knowledge you need to get you started on the wonderful path to online success.

Over the years I’ve seen many courses, both online and offline, that provide a selection of useful lessons and contain some valuable information, but I can honestly say that I have never, in all those years, seen anything that is as detailed, as informative or as educational as 'The Complete Guide to Website Building'. And what’s more, the delivery style is entertaining too, so you can rest assured that you won’t get bored when doing this training.

When I dragged my colleague off to that mountain top village in Spain I didn’t realize what an exciting journey we were setting out on, but now that I’ve seen the finished product I am incredibly proud of what we’ve managed to achieve.

But ... here’s the really important thing!

We couldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for people just like you, because ALL OF THIS has come about as a direct result of the responses that came in from that survey we sent out twelve months ago.

I have absolutely no doubt at all that the reason this course is as powerful as it is, is because we didn’t just read what people wrote in those survey responses and leave it at that. Not at all!

Instead, we took our time and read between the lines so that we could do everything in our power to deliver EXACTLY the training that people wanted and needed.

Everyone who has seen the course already will testify that we’ve pushed the barriers as far as possible in terms of delivering not just an amazingly in-depth training resource, but also incredible value for money at the same time (more on that in a moment).

And it’s not just the content that is special!

It’s one thing having spent days planning out the syllabus and months pulling all of the content together, but if the course wasn’t delivered in the right way then all of this hard work and effort would be wasted.

We knew right from the start that to provide you with the most effective learning experience possible, we needed to deliver it in a format that met with the five criteria that we had set ourselves at the outset. Let me remind you of what those criteria were:

1 bullet It had to be simple and straightforward to follow so anyone, even a complete new-comer to website building and online business, could get maximum benefit from it.
2 bullet It couldn’t require a full-time commitment as we knew from our research that the people most suited to this course were already busy people with full-time jobs to hold down, existing businesses to run, and families to look after.
3 bullet It had to be realistic and something that anyone who had the motivation could complete with flying colors.
4 bullet It had to be affordable so that anyone, even people on a limited budget, could take advantage of the incredible knowledge it contained.
5 bullet It needed to put the person doing the training in full control so that they could progress at the pace that suited them, their lifestyle, and their existing commitments.

Fulfilling every one of those criteria was a challenge that would have put most people off right from the start, but we were committed to providing a solution.

After many days of brainstorming and mapping our possible solutions we came up with a format that was ideal. A format that definitely met all five of the criteria, and one that was guaranteed to allow us to communicate the maximum amount of training value in the shortest possible time.

Normally, to train a syllabus of this length would take many months of classroom study, certainly several semesters, but using the format we came up with, we were confident that we could deliver this training in a convenient online fashion in just thirty hours of studying.

It was certainly a big ask, but I’m always up for a challenge!

SIX different techniques combine to make this one of the best learning experiences you will ever encounter

Before putting any of this training material together we consulted with an NLP expert (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to find out the best way to deliver such an in-depth course in a way that was guaranteed to help people understand the information quickly and easily, whilst at the same time ensuring that they retained as much of it as possible over the long-term.

The answer was simple and confirmed what we had already suspected.

To achieve maximum success we needed to deliver the material using multiple formats that took advantage of as many different learning methodologies as possible.

Sounds like quite a mouthful, but translated into proper English, it simply meant that we needed to include:

bullet Classroom style learning in the form of a person talking to camera.
bullet Over-the-shoulder style learning that showed people EXACTLY, in step-by-step fashion, what they needed to do.
bullet Annotated Slides and Diagrams laying out points in a clear and concise format so that they are easy to understand.
bullet Interactive illustrations that would help communicate large quantities of additional in-formation that the student could investigate at their leisure.
bullet Quizzes to test people’s knowledge at the end of each section to ensure that they had understood the content being taught.
bullet Homework assignments to give students hands-on experience of techniques being taught.

Most training courses of this kind focus VERY heavily on the over-the-shoulder style of learning, whilst completely ignoring all of the other styles. This seriously hampers the learning experience and means that what might make sense when watching someone else do it on a training video, makes absolutely no sense at all once you try to do it yourself.

We wanted to deliver the best experience possible and so didn’t want to cut corners and just provide you with a single type of learning experience, which is why we’ve made extensive use of the six learning techniques described above.

"Your Complete Guide To website Building is truly fantastic!

Not only do you teach how to build the websites, you also include the reasons why to do it that way.
I would really recommend to anyone to get this... in no time you will be publishing websites easily."

Connie Cherneske

Here’s a quick recap of each of those techniques along with some brief video that will give you a sneak peak behind the curtain to see how each technique is used to maximum effect.

Classroom Style Learning

The Complete Guide to Website Building uses a mix of over the shoulder and real person video to bring the training to life in front of your eyes.

This engaging mix provides the best platform possible for helping you to understand all the topics covered.

It makes complex things easy and entertains you whilst you learn.

There’s never been a better way to learn how to build your very own professional quality website

arrow   arrow


The Complete Guide to Website Building shows you how to build a professional quality website in step-by-step detail.

We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that every topic is covered in detail.

And it doesn’t stop at building your website. You’ll learn about research, customer profiling, list building, content, RSS feeds and so much more

Let the experts show you exactly what you need to do, to create websites that not only look great but achieve results

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Quizzes & Hands-On Practical Exercises

‘The-Complete-Guide-to-Website-Building’ reinforces your learning with high quality interactive quizzes and hands-on practical exercises.

By testing your knowledge at the end of each module you’ll see just how well you’re progressing.

The hands-on practical exercises help cement your understanding as you progress through the course.

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Interactive Diagrams

'The-Complete-Guide-to-Website-Building' comes with amazing and highly informative interactive diagrams that add an extra dimension to this amazing training resource.

With these professionally produced interactive diagrams you’ll learn faster and absorb more.

It’s so easy ... Just click on the hotspots for more information.

Whenever you want to know more it’s all just a mouse click away!

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Complete Guide To Website BuildingSo what exactly do you get?

When you invest in The Complete Guide to Website Building you get instant access to our sophisticated, state of the art learning platform, complete with ALL the learning materials you need, to master the art of building professional quality websites.

Each module is available to you at the click of a button, and the great thing is that the system remembers exactly where you are between sessions, so you will never lose your place or have to remember where you left off.

The course is made up of 26 modules, plus an introductory module that grabs your hand and takes you step-by-step through how to get the most from the course.

Each of the 26 modules has been professionally produced and includes:

arrow Classroom style videos - it’s just like having a teacher inside your computer, explaining concepts in a way you're sure to understand.
arrow Over-the-shoulder demonstrations that show you exactly, in step-by-step detail, what you need to do. With these highly informative videos it’s just like sitting next to an expert and watching them work.
arrow Interactive diagrams that give you a chance to learn more about important topics. These interactive diagrams expand wonderfully on key topics within each module and provide a chance for you to go deeper into the subject matter.
arrow Quizzes test you at the end of each module to see how much you have progressed and how much new information you have learned. If you pass the test you can congratulate yourself and move straight on to the next module.


If you struggle with the test don’t worry as the results will help you to see the areas you need to focus on to progress.

Homework Assignments are given for each module. Don’t worry, these aren’t like the dull and boring homework assignments you got back in high school.

Not at all! These assignments give you a chance to put into practice what you have been studying in that module.

All of the homework assignments appear in a professionally produced homework book that you can print out and fill-in as the course progresses.

This will give you a permanent record of how far through the course you are and how well you have done on each module.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is incredibly in-depth and comprehensive, which is why it is over thirty hours long. I’m sure you’ll understand that we didn’t want to cut corners and provide you with just half the information, or rush you through important topics just so we could shave off a few hours.

If you’re amazingly dedicated, you could complete the course in as little as a week, but you’d have to be working at it pretty much full-time.

Personally, I think a much more reasonable time to take would be a month, or quite possibly even two. By taking a slightly more leisurely approach you will ensure the information really soaks in. There’s no point in rushing through it and not remembering a thing in two weeks time.

But here’s the really great thing ...

You have access to the course for a WHOLE YEAR! That’s right. A full three-hundred-and-sixty-five days.

This means that you can take as long as you need to work your way through it. Everyone learns at a different speed and we wanted to ensure that absolutely everyone was catered for.

Another benefit to having a full year’s access to this training material is that you can re-visit it whenever you like during the year. If you need a refresher on any particular topic just log-in, go to that module, and work your way through it another time. You are completely in control!

So, let me quickly recap on what you get

arrow 2 Instant access to The Complete Guide To Website Building online system
arrow 2 All 27 modules listed above: over thirty hours of material
arrow 2 365 days access to the course materials - plenty of time to train or even refresh your knowledge
arrow 2 Resources for you to use in practical exercises (images, text, video, etc).
arrow 2 Homework PDF Workbook for carrying out module-specific tasks - perfect for reinforcing your learning.
arrow 2 VIP support throughout the whole year.

cindy"I found the course really easy to navigate and liked the many ways the information was presented... all the material was presented very professionally.

The Quiz and Homework reinforcing the material is priceless and really makes the information stick.

I got some fabulous new information and resources in just the first few modules that I am really excited about."

 Cindy Poore

Let me tell you a little more about the support, as that’s incredibly important.

What happens if I run into problems when
I am going through the course?

When you buy this training product you become part of the Complete Guide To Website Building community and, as such you are not alone. We provide full technical support, year round, to all our valued trainees.

If you find yourself struggling at any point, simply drop us a line and we'll come back to you with a detailed response, to help you to keep on track with your learning.

Unlike other support organizations who promise to reply within three days we make a pledge to always reply within twenty four hours on work-days, and usually you’ll see a response in your inbox within just a few hours.

The XSitePro support team is renowned for the high level of support it delivers, but as a valued trainee your support requests are guaranteed to go right to the front of the queue where they will be dealt with as a top priority.

Ok Paul ... it sounds terrific, but how much is this incredible course going to set me back?

While you've probably seen courses similar to this in content terms (but perhaps not delivered in such a powerful combination of ways, on as sophisticated a platform) for thousands of dollars, we're offering you the chance to buy The Complete Guide To Website Building for $297, representing exceptional value for money.

$297 for a course that GUARANTEES that once you complete the course you'll have the necessary skills to create great quality Websites. Simple.

Joel Comm
"This is a really brilliant way to learn website design and optimization.

Not only do you learn step by step, but are able to track your progress as you do.

This is a fantastic resource for all aspiring website owners."

Joel Comm,

But wait ...

Check out the fast-action bonuses
below to find out how you can
get the course right now for just $197.

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 Fast-action bonus #1: 

To celebrate this launch, the first ONE THOUSAND trainees through the door will get:

- $100 OFF THE FULL PRICE! That's right - you'll pay only $197 for your place on this incredible new course if you are among the first 1,000 people to sign up.

 Fast-action bonus #2: 

AS WELL AS the bonuses above, the FIRST ONE HUNDRED trainees through the door will ALSO get:

- A PRIVATE, 30-MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION with one of the XSitePro training coaches, upon completing the training course. So as well as the $100 off and the exclusive teleseminar access, you'll ALSO get a private session in which we will answer your questions - anything you might want to ask about the course, XSitePro or Internet Marketing in general ...


Please do act quickly - we're going to fix the initial trainee numbers soon after the avalanche of sign-ups following the launch of this new course, so that we can let the dust settle and to ensure that we can deliver excellent customer support to those who get a seat at this launch.

We may release additional seats at a later date, so if you don't manage to get in at this time we'll let you know when you can.


We believe we have created a training product that, once completed, will give you everything you need to be able to create a professional quality website. We're so confident that you'll agree with us, we're offering a full, 365-day money-back guarantee to that effect.

If you feel, after completing the course, and within 365 days from purchasing this training course, that you have not been given everything you need to create professional quality websites, then simply let us know and we'll give you your money back.

Can't say fairer than that, right?!

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bullet Instant access to The Complete Guide To Website Building online training system
bullet Over THIRTY HOURS of high quality training materials
bullet The full story on WHAT you should do, HOW, and WHY. Everything is explained so that it makes sense - even to non-technical types
bullet EVERYTHING you need to know to create quality Websites
bullet A PLAIN ENGLISH formula that non-technical people can follow...
bullet ...In a logical, STEP-BY-STEP order that makes sense
bullet A BLUEPRINT for you to use, over and over again
bullet Hosted on-line, so you can train ANYWHERE, ANYTIME
bullet BOOKMARKED, so you never lose your place in the course
bullet Demystifying the complete Website building process, so you can finally take action and pursue your on-line objectives
bullet Reinforced by a rich and varied range of teaching methods:
Full Motion Video, Over-the-shoulder demonstrations, Annotated Presentations, Quizzes, Interactive Illustrations, Homework Exercises and more
bullet Full 365 days access to the course materials - plenty of time to train - extendable if required, at a very nominal cost
bullet Dedicated VIP support, holding your hand all the way through your training
bullet Complete 365 day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
bullet Fast-action $100-off bonus for first 1000 trainees to sign-up
bullet Fast-action 30-minute one-to-one consultation call for first 100 trainees to sign up

Neal Shearing"Having checked out the new training system from XSitePro, I'm amazed at the level of detail and professionalism in each training module.

It's like having a web guru taking you by the hand and walking you through every single step of getting a website online, from "copy and paste" to "design elements" to "SEO".

Hats off to Paul and the team at XSitePro for another barnstorming product!"

Neil Shearing,

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I'm thrilled to be able to bring this unique, exciting new training course to you today, and I'll be even more thrilled to hear how you get on in the weeks and months that follow.

Paul Smithson
Complete Guide To Website Building

P.S. Don't forget, there's every likelihood we’ll have to limit the seats available on this course after the initial rush, following the launch. Be sure to jump in while you can!

P.P.S And... don't forget that if you're in the first 1,000 sign-ups you get $100 off!

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